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Holistic & healing

Arrive. Letting go. Be.

With soothing massage strokes & touches and attentive words, the Vegeto-Dynamic® accompanies you back to your mental clarity and mental strength. Back to your own source of strength and happiness. Because this is exactly where the self-healing powers and the healthy potential are to be found, which is "at home" in every human being.

At the heart of this unique treatment is the attitude of salutogenesis: "The support of existing health-promoting resources."

You feel your mind calm down, your whole body let go of tension and your psyche relax. Lightness, joy and creativity spread through you again.


- STRENGTH.PLACE (strengthening & powerful)

- HARMONY.Life (balancing & stabilizing)

- CLARITY.Focus (centering & clarifying)


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Vegeto-Dynamik® - holistic & healing
Duration: approx. 80 min.