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WAVE sensory journey

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Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening
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Emotional & inspiring

Full body application - also for pregnant women.

In the swinging rhythm of gentle wave and spiral movements, body, mind and soul are touched and moved. Deep relaxation spreads throughout the body in a harmonious and flowing way. The perceptions of the sounds in the room and from inside the waterbed reach far under your skin. Feeling and hearing merge into a unique sensory whole-body experience - feel a deeply felt sense of happiness!


- LIGHT.view (lively & energetic)

- STRENGTH.Place (strengthening & powerful)

- HARMONY.Life (balancing & stabilizing)

- CLARITY.Focus (centering & clarifying)

Option: single or in pairs

Clothing: in comfortable clothes


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WAVE Sensory Journey - soulful & inspiring for 1 person
for 1 person | duration: approx. 80 min.
WAVE Sensory Journey - soulful & inspiring for 2 persons
Application for two | Duration: approx. 80 min.