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Forest bathing as a supplement to a seminar (for institutions/companies)

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Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening
Meeting point
In a forest area near you or in the Bingen forest


Forsthaus Jägerhaus, Weiler bei Bingen, Deutschland
Helpful facts

"Recharge your batteries in nature"

As a supplement to a seminar

Experiencing together promotes team spirit.

Get to know and appreciate each other better.

Finding a common level of communication more easily in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nature has the power to help us solve problems and overcome creative blockades.

For example, in order to regain concentration and refreshment before/after/during a strenuous seminar session, a forest bath is an ideal accompaniment to seminars and events. Use the beneficial and positive effect of the forest air to positively strengthen your seminar participants.

During our (leisurely) walk, we incorporate special exercises to promote concentration, increase alertness and release any tension, so that your participants can recharge their batteries.


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Recharge your batteries in nature
The following things are to be brought along: Drink Weatherproof shoes clothes suitable for the weather, with which you can sit on the...