Breathing is life

Group size2 - 10
Registration deadline: the day before the experience
Location Alpenhof Murnau, Ramsachstraße, Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany
Meeting pointIn the Franz Marc Hall
Helpful facts

Breathing is life. We breathe thousands of times a day, yet never once do we think about it. In this workshop, we consciously and deeply engage this vital function and discover its remarkable benefits. For once, not thinking, doubting, evaluating, but just breathing. Just being.

The workshop begins with elements of yoga, dance and martial arts to loosen the body, warm up and arrive in the here and now. This is followed by simple but effective breathing exercises that you can integrate into your daily life. They help you to calm your heartbeat, to be focused but still calm. Now follows a very intense breathing exercise that will enable you to

body, mind and soul from negative energies and to release blockages. This exercise improves your energy level, reduces stress, creates balance in the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. Let go of stress and let the energy in.

Please come to class in comfortable clothing or sportswear.

Minimum 2 participants per class!