Pepis Kinderland

Location Pepis Kinderland, Persal, Finkenberg, Österreich
Experience provider
Alpin SPA Tuxerhof
Pepis Kinderland, Persal, Finkenberg, Österreich
Helpful facts
A true paradise for children awaits all little hikers

The highlight of the spacious area with bouncy cushions, sand play area, balancing paths and much more can already be seen from a distance. An 8 meter high playable bear made of wood, the Penkenpepi, welcomes its small and big visitors. The inside of the giant pepi is the ultimate playground for all children. In addition to a crawl tube, a playhouse and a distorting mirror, there is also a climbing wall and many other attractions. Those who have had enough of all the playing, romping and climbing can simply leave the Riesenpepi via the slide. Through the many peepholes in the Riesenpepi you won't lose sight of the parents either, who can enjoy a coffee break on the surrounding sun terraces.

Already in the 2nd summer PEPIS KINDERLAND got two more attractions. Behind the giant bear there are 2 slide towers which can be reached by a suspension net bridge. It takes a bit of courage to walk across the bridges at dizzying heights and is just the thing for adventurers young and old. Just 8 m above the ground, you go down the 15 m slide from the 2nd tower. The slide gives you a tingling feeling in your stomach and makes you want more.

The second highlight is PEPIS KLETTERGARTEN, a large low ropes course for children, teenagers and adults, which will be extended this year. You don't have to secure yourself, but can prove your skills at a low height above the ground. 30 different elements run up and down the terrain and invite young and old to prove their climbing skills. Many elements can be mastered in different ways, so that boredom cannot arise at all. The different levels of difficulty of the individual parts always pose new challenges for the whole family.

In addition to Pepi's Kinderland and Pepi's Low Ropes Course, the sky is now the limit - in PEPIS SWINGING PARADISE! There are six different swings to choose from. Try them all out and find your favourite! But one thing is for sure: No matter which swing you choose, you can swing far through the air with every single one of them and you definitely won't miss out on the fun!

Free ascent and descent for accompanied children under 10 years of age.