Wine festival on the water - HS Bodensee

Lochau Kaiserstrand (Anlegestelle), Am Kaiserstrand, Lochau, Österreich
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Wine festival at the HS HOHENTWIEL & OESTERREICH


We love it, we drink it and we like to talk about it: wine. At the wine festival aboard the Art Nouveau steamship Hohentwiel and the Art Deco motor ship Oesterreich, we will embark on a joint voyage of discovery into the world of wine. On this trip, you will not only board both ships, but we will also serve the finest wines in an extraordinary ambience.

Together we will philosophize about the history of wine, exchange ideas about the special wine terminology up to the correct drinking of wine, characteristics, olfactory notes and taste components - everything that makes wine may be discussed and analyzed here extensively.

Come aboard, stroll from booth to booth on our decks. Learn a lot of interesting facts, taste new wines and classics and discover our ships Hohentwiel and Oesterreich. We will serve bread and pastries for the tasting. Afterwards, a wine buffet with cold and warm delicacies awaits our guests.

In spring we welcome the Lake Constance vintners with their young wines. So we are looking forward to winery Haug, winery Lanz, winery Teresa Deufel, winery Kress, winery Gierer or winery Hosp.

In autumn, national and international vintners will accompany us with their classics.


" Boarding from 16:45

" Departure 17:00

" Transfer port at 19:00 o'clock | from 19:30 o'clock

" Arrival port of departure 21:30

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