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Theme nights

Location Sunstar Hotel Davos, Oberwiesstrasse, Davos, Schweiz
Meeting pointRestaurant Jakobshorn
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Sunstar Hotel Davos
Sunstar Hotel Davos, Oberwiesstrasse, Davos, Schweiz
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Our popular theme evenings, with a large selection of lovingly prepared dishes, take place weekly - you should not miss these...

Be it the Swiss evening with typical Swiss dishes from the buffet (Tuesday) or the theme evening "Viva Italia" (Friday), where we celebrate the Italian cuisine with a varied pasta buffet. The dishes are always accompanied by wines typical of the country.

In a dignified atmosphere, you will enjoy an excellent appetizer and fish buffet at the gala evening, followed by a delicious fillet of beef, entrecote or a tender saddle of veal (Sunday).

The theme evening dessert and ice cream buffet (Thursday) is colorful, heavenly, known far beyond the borders of Davos and makes sweet tooth hearts beat faster!