Cheese & wine tasting

Bahnhofstraße 2, 83646 Bad Tölz, Deutschland
Meeting point
Beer cellar in the inn of the Mühlfeldbräu
Helpful facts
A journey into the wonderful world of cheese and wine - with Susanne Hofmann and the fromeliers from Tölzer Kasladen

On our journey into the wonderful world of cheese and wine, Susanne Hofmann and her fromeliers will present you with award-winning cheeses from all over Europe in four tasting courses with a total of 18 types of cheese - always with matching and harmonizing wines as well as water and bread.

Cheese is a "living" food: it changes in the course of its cheese life - it matures. For the fromeliers, attentiveness, knowledge, experience, but also curiosity have absolute priority when dealing with cheese! Learn interesting and entertaining stories about each tasting course. Susanne Hofmann from the Tölzer Kasladen and the Fromeliers are looking forward to your visit and to an enjoyable evening with noble cheese specialities and fine wines!

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