Impulse lecture | Tibet's gentle healing arts

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Next upcoming eventjeu.,sept. 28 • 17:00 - 19:00
Duration2 Hours
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Location DAS KRONTHALER, Am Waldweg, Achenkirch, Österreich
Meeting pointBAR skyNAH999
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Tibet's gentle healing art shows us the way

Tibetan medicine is a unique healing system and is one of the oldest still existing traditions in the world. With the basic elements of this medicine we can better understand our body and under the motto: "Let food be the source of your happy personality" we set the course. Learn more about the importance of the immune system as a place of power within you and how food and natural substances harmonize body, mind and soul from a Tibetan perspective.

Prof. Dr. Florian Überall shares his broad knowledge during an impulse lecture at DAS KRONTHALER.

Prof. Überall is a habilitated professor in medical biochemistry and book author. He has been working in the research field "Molecular Cancer Medicine and Tumor Therapy" for three decades and developed the 3-pillar model ess:MEDIZIN in the field of nutritional sciences.


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jeu. sept. 28
17:00 - 19:00