Reading with Harry Kämmerer

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The beat of life
All over the world and through the ages, the heart represents love, compassion, joy, courage, strength and wisdom. Why is that? This question was also asked by heart surgeon Reinhard Friedl. Current research results have provided him with astounding answers. 22 days after our conception, the love hormone oxytocin triggers the first heartbeat, which accompanies us throughout our lives. But the heart is not just a pump! With its nervous system of thousands of neurons, it can perceive much more than previously believed - and it has a lot to tell the brain. In this book, you will learn from an author with first-hand knowledge of the heart about the complex connections that enable human hearts to communicate with each other and why a healthy heart rhythm can be chaotic. Reinhard Friedl is convinced that in the perception of the heart as a conscious sense organ lies the source of its health and healing.


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