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Give a jump start, change light bulbs, change tires? No problem at all - as long as you don't have to do it yourself? What do cars want to tell us when red and yellow indicator lights come on? Susa Bobke, car mechanic and Yellow Angel of Passion, is called daily to breakdowns that could easily have been avoided - if there was a little more understanding between cars and their relatives. In her book, "Men are different. She tells of curious and moving experiences on the hard shoulder at the most beautiful places in the Allgäu. In addition, she gives practical tips on how to recognize the small mistakes and quirks of one's own vehicle, companion and self and how to effectively prevent breakdowns. Entertainingly and humorously written, we accompany the angel on his journey through the four seasons in the Allgäu.

To the author:
Susa Bobke is a hunter, falconer, mechanic and Yellow Angel. Even as a teenager she wanted to train as a car mechanic, but the idea of a woman working in a garage was unthinkable at the time. So she began to study law and German language and literature, until she finally found an apprenticeship and was only too happy to quit her academic career. For 25 years now she has been a breakdown service assistant for the ADAC and one of five female "yellow angels" in Germany. She doesn't want to miss the daily experiences on the side strip anymore and has therefore written them down in this book. Susa Bobke lives and works in the Allgäu.


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