Christmas brunch 25 & 26.12.

Booked in no time!

Next upcoming eventdim.,déc. 25 • 11:00 - 14:00
Duration3 Hours
Group size0 - 90
Registration deadline: 5 days before the experience
Location Waldhotel am See Berlin-Schmöckwitz, Schmöckwitzer Damm, Berlin, Deutschland
Meeting pointRestaurant Beaver View
Helpful facts

As a Christmas welcome: We will serve you a mulled wine or non-alcoholic punch at the reception.

Of course, during the brunch you can also enjoy

Orange juice, apple juice, multivitamin juice is available and fragrant coffee as much as you like. A selection of jams, honey, nougat cream, cottage cheese, milk, various yogurts are ready, as well as cereals and cornflakes and fresh fruit salad

fresh scrambled eggs and crispy fried bacon, homemade waffles,

grilled sausages and baked tomatoes.

Rich cold cuts and cheese platters, fresh onion mince, truffle liver pate.

A selection of antipasti, such as:

marinated mushrooms, pickled zucchini, caramelized figs with prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella on sun-ripened tomatoes

pickled peppers and hot peppers stuffed with cream cheese, serrano ham on honeydew melon.

From the fish corner:

Sea bass fillet poached on savoy cabbage cream from the oven,

small savory rolled fish, smoked fish specialties,

home-pickled and smoked salmon,

cream horseradish, cocktail sauce and honey-mustard-dill sauce

From the in-house bakery:

Golden brown croissants, a selection of rolls and freshly baked breads

From the hot oven:

Pink roasted beef entrecôte with a calvados pepper cream sauce

juicy goose breast or leg with orange sauce

homemade ravioli tossed in sage butter

served with fresh potato croquettes, fresh spaetzle and napkin dumplings

caramelized carrots, winter apple red cabbage, salsify a la creme


Many small delicacies like homemade sheet cake, panna cotta with fruit sauce and chocolate mousse


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dim. déc. 25
11:00 - 14:00
lun. déc. 26
11:00 - 14:00