Culinary arts

AvailableMorning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening
Helpful facts
Gin tasting set available on advance order.

You taste 3 different gin varieties each 0.1 l with various tonics, cucumbers, limes, lemon, pepper, nutmeg.

Gin belongs to the most complex spirits at all.
So what to look out for when tasting gin neat?

Step 1: The smell test
There are two options when nosing: either hold your nose in or / over the glass.

Step 2 : Palate
You sip the gin and take the first impression.
Different aromas spread in the mouth.
One often has a completely different perception of new flavours on the second sip than before.
It is important to taste several times.
Even a trained palate often does not recognize the flavors one after the other.

Step 3 : Finish
This can vary, sometimes the finish is very short and sometimes very long lasting.
Attention is therefore required.

Time ( 90 - 120 min )