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Gin tasting set available to order in advance.

Find out for yourself how many delicious flavors juniper schnapps can develop in combination with different ingredients.

You will taste 3 different types of gin, each 0.1 l, with various tonics, cucumber, lime, lemon, pepper and nutmeg.

Gin is one of the most complex spirits of all.

So what should you look out for when tasting pure gin?

Step 1: The smell test

There are two options for nosing: either hold your nose in or / over the glass.

Step 2: Palate

Sip the gin and take in the first impression.

Different flavors spread in the mouth.

You often have a completely different perception of new flavors on the second sip than before.

It is important to taste several times.

Even an experienced palate often does not recognize the aromas one after the other.

Step 3: Finish

This can vary, sometimes the finish is very short and sometimes very long-lasting.

Mindfulness is therefore required.

Time ( 90 - 120 min )


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