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Location Minx - CityHotels, Seilgraben, Aachen, Deutschland
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Minx - CityHotels
Minx - CityHotels, Seilgraben, Aachen, Deutschland
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Aachen's museums feature a wide range of interesting topics: Art, culture, history, media.... Here, all those interested will get their money's worth during an extensive museum stroll.

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Good to know

All municipal museums (Centre Charlemagne, Couven Museum, International Newspaper Museum, Suermondt-Ludwig Museum, Ludwig Forum and City Hall) offer free admission for everyone under 21!

As of now, the museum card "Six for Six" - one admission each to the five municipal museums Ludwig Forum, Suermondt-Ludwig Museum, Couven Museum, Centre Charlemagne, International Newspaper Museum plus City Hall - is available again. Valid for six months (for 14/10 euros).

Can be ordered at +49 241 432-4922, -4923 or -4925, or by E-mail.

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