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Annual festival - Lugnasadh

Next upcoming eventsam.,sept. 30 • 18:00 - 22:00
Duration4 Hours
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The background to this day (21.09.) in the annual cycle is the moment when the sun passes the celestial equator at the autumn point, thus astronomically defining the beginning of this season.

It is one of the two days in the year when the light day and the dark night are of equal duration. After that, the nights are longer than the days for the first time. Energetically it is a time of balance and harmony.

On this day the balance between day and night, light and darkness, between birth and death of nature is established. This festival is not an original Celtic festival. However, in earlier times, harvest festivals were always celebrated around this time. The festivals were as varied as the harvest itself. There were joyful festivals for the grape harvest and wine harvest, potato harvest festivals with potato fires, apple harvest festivals with special customs, and so on.

We celebrate together with you the annual circle festival. With a special menu in the evening and our ritual at the fire basket. We look forward to seeing you!


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sam., sept. 30
18:00 - 22:00