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Festival of the cycle of the year Ostara - "Equinox".

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Celebrated in ancient times from the equinox to the full moon. In March, the goddess received her light child, the sun, by eating magical food.

The lily of the valley is dedicated to the goddess Ostara. The first Easter eggs were painted red in the color of blood and life, with golden signs of mystical fertility symbols.

Springs and wells are decorated with branches, paper flowers, chip curls and wishing bows in gratitude to the healing water.

The goddess of spring wants to be welcomed with joy and enthusiasm.

For this purpose, sun wheels are baked, flowers are picked and green dishes are made from herbs.

At Ostara, spring has become visible everywhere in nature: the "day" is now getting longer from month to month; flowers are sprouting, migratory birds are back and starting to nest. Therefore, Ostara is also considered the Celtic "bird festival" of spring. Eggs and chicks are therefore also a main component of this festival. They symbolize a traditional connection of the Druids to the birds. The egg is considered a symbol of fertility and rebirth.

Eggs were painted with symbols of wishes that should be fulfilled in the current year. Likewise, people already knew the colored eggs. The "Easter bunny", which is common today for "Easter", was also an ancient symbol of fertility because of its reproductive ability.

Celebrate this festival with us:

We will meet for a joint aperitif at 6:00 pm in the lobby with a presentation of the menu by our kitchen team and our herbalist Sandra Südbeck. After the meal there will be a matching workshop with Sandra.