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Edelbrennerei Stiegenhaushof

Stiegenhaushof - Zillertaler Edelbrände - Schnapsbrennerei, Dorf, Schwendau, Österreich
Helpful facts
Natural. Real.

"Real" is not only the noble brandies and liqueurs from the Stiegenhaushof. Here, tradition and good cooperation between three generations is also lived in everyday life.
Kathrin and Martin Fankhauser - two who love each other. This can also be felt and experienced in their noble specialities with a lot of feeling and passion.

The love for nature plays a big role here and you can taste it, because the production of high-quality noble brandies is a science in itself.
The necessary knowledge about distilling has always been passed down from generation to generation in the Stiegenhaushof.

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