Location Braunegger KG., Kaltenbacher Landstraße, Kaltenbach, Österreich
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Braunegger KG., Kaltenbacher Landstraße, Kaltenbach, Österreich
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From Zillertal messenger to modern trading house

The history of the Braunegger company in Stumm began in 1898: Alexander Braunegger was on the road with a horse-drawn carriage as a messenger from the Zillertal and thus established the company's development as a traditional partner of the local gastronomy and retail trade.

Today, Braunegger offers coffee, food, beverages and spirits, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and sausages, washing and cleaning products and crockery and household goods, a total of around 24,000 different branded articles. Approximately 1250 catering customers are supplied by 10 trucks and Braunegger KG is particularly proud to be able to offer a full range of products for the hotel and catering industry as well as the retail trade.

The preservation of the local supply is beside the catering trade supply a central desire of the enterprise. Braunegger also tries to sell mainly local products, which reduces transport distances, protects the environment and strengthens local agriculture.