Bamboo massage - full body and face massage

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AvailableNoon, Afternoon, Evening
Location Luxury B&B Cortijo El Sarmiento - Adults Only, Camino de Gatar, Mojácar, Spanien
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Helpful facts
This deep tissue massage is designed to relieve stress, muscle tension and pain, while the soothing scented oils nourish the skin with an extra boost. The bamboo stick replaces the therapist's hands and allows for a deeper, firmer massage. The bamboo stick is rolled over the muscles to permanently release all tension and adhesions. The muscles are strengthened by this process and inner balance is restored as the reflex zones are stimulated during the massage, leaving you feeling refreshed both internally and externally.

Our Bamboo Body Massage is a truly unique experience that will release deep-seated tension in your muscles and is unlike anything you have experienced before!

The stimulation of the facial muscles provided by the bamboo massage helps to supply this area with more oxygen, which is a natural form of anti-ageing skin care.
The improved blood circulation of the facial skin boosts collagen build-up and leaves your skin's complexion with a healthy and natural glow. It also helps to tone the muscle groups, strengthening them and improving their elasticity.


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Bamboo massage - full body and face massage