Clock tower on the Schlossberg

Uhrturm, Graz, Österreich
Helpful facts
Do the clocks in Graz go differently than at home? No! But in Graz hours count more than minutes. In the past, only large hands were widely used for hours. The minute hand was added later, which led to a mix-up.

Already in the 13th century a tower was mentioned at this place of the hill - in the 16th century it got its current appearance in the course of the new fortification of the Schlossberg.

The Graz landmark was once home to three bells:
The Armesünderglocke was rung during executions and the Lumpenglocke reminded night owls of the curfew. The last and only surviving bell of the tower, the fire bell, rang the fire watch at the clock tower during fires in the city.

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