Ski Touring

Ski tour Fasnachter, 2268 m

Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening
Ratschings, Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol, Italien
Helpful facts

Ascent: Route 1: from the parking lot at the valley station along the wide forest road moderately uphill in a few hairpin bends to the Kaserlichtalm. Route 2: the more difficult route leads from the parking lot the ski touring trail along the Mahlbach, through dense forest steeply ascending to the Kaserlichtalm, then further through the forest moderately steep until you meet the ski slope again to the right of the Saxnerhütte. Then to the right of the ski slope over nicely stepped terrain to the Jaufen ridge to the right of the Saxner lift mountain station and on the wide grade to the west to the summit. Descent Route 1: From the Kaserlichtalm continue east and in a few minutes to the slope. From there, descend via the piste. Downhill route 2: from the summit back the same way until you reach the piste and then continue down via the ski slope (not through the forest). ! After 5 pm the ski slopes are closed for safety reasons.

Duration: about 1 hour / about 2 hours.

Skiing level: easy