Secrets under the Tribulaun

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Next upcoming eventjeu.,juil. 07 • 09:30 - 09:37
Duration7 Minutes
Group size2 - 20
Registration deadline: The day before the experience
Location St. Anton, Innerpflersch, Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol, Italien
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We hike past numerous waterfalls, accompanied by fantastic views of the mountain scenery.

The waterfall trail starts in the village of St. Anton in the rear Pflerschtal. Our hiking guide leads you in an easy one-hour climb up impressive waterfalls, and once you reach the top, the thundering "hell" is not far away. Here it is worth making a detour to the lookout point above the "Hölle", probably the most famous waterfall in the Pflerschtal. An impressive natural spectacle of the rushing masses of water as they plunge 46 m into the depths in dusty leaps. The trail continues on a gentle ascent to the Furtalm (1690m), where you can stop for refreshments.

Duration: approx. 5h / 480 hm

Equipment: Sturdy shoes, possibly warm clothes, a change of underwear, sun or rain protection, enough drinks for the road.


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