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Photo art in Fuschl Castle by Silke Lauffs

AvailableMorning, Noon, Afternoon
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The photo series of the Berlin artist Silke Lauffs with motifs, among others, of the hotel on Lake Fuschl, Salzburg and Lake Mondsee, complements the total work of art Hotel Schloss Fuschl.

These are for sale and in total there are 35 landscape photographs in different seasons of Silke Lauffs which are characterized by incomparable depth effect and timeless aesthetics. The photographer specializes in landscape, still life, portrait and fashion and also works for Die Zeit, Der Spiegel and magazines such as Elle. Silke Lauffs has captured the picture book landscape of the Salzkammergut, mostly at dawn and dusk in her photographic works. The results are fascinating and timeless prints that convey a meditative atmosphere.

The prints are hand-signed, limited, framed and available in 3 sizes from us:

50x50 cm EUR 690,- 107x56 cm EUR 4490,- 180x80 cm EUR 6890