Advent devotion

Next upcoming eventjeu.,déc. 01 • 17:50 - 18:50
Duration1 Hour
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To get in the mood for the pre-Christmas season , we go together with our guests to the Advent devotions in our church in Balderschwang.

A devotion is often at the beginning or end of a day ("Ausklang"), as a year-end devotion also at the end of a calendar year. In the Christian sense,devotion means the spiritual turning to the triune God as well as the concrete form in which this spiritual gathering takes place. Especially in the Roman Catholic Church devotions, which frame a certain form of prayer, are common.

We invite you to our HUBERTUS Advent devotion in the Balderschwang church. Exclusively for our guests. The devotion will be accompanied musically by Andrea Lerpscher.

Meeting point at 17:50 in our hotel lobby


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