Monday Children's program "Maxi" from 3 years old

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Δευ,Ιουν 17 • 09:00 - 21:00
12 Hours
Alphotel Tyrol, Innerratschings, Ratschings, Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol, Italien
Meeting point
Alpine Club
Helpful facts

Fun and games in the Alpiclub "MAXI" 3+

In the Alpiclub with direct access to the large park, we offer year-round childcare "Maxi" 7 times a week from 3 years.

Our team puts together the colorful weekly program with a lot of love and creativity. Depending on the season, different program items are offered so that you can enjoy your

day on the slopes or your guided hike without the little ones.

Depending on the season, always bring a change of clothes, footwear, rain & sun protection

Meeting point Alpiclub

09:00 We visit our animals

10:00 Nature programs "Wild herbs"

13:00 Lunch together

14:00 Painting workshop

16:00 Pony riding & tractor driving with parents

Meeting point in the garden

17:00 Parent-child time "Family duel"

18:00 Dinner together

19:30 Cocktail party

18:30 Happy comes to visit us

"Welcome aperitif"


June 2024